Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the tickets?

Callicoon Theater admission prices are among the lowest in the region. You still get the highest quality picture and sound and wider seats with more leg room.

Adults: $9.50
Children under 12: $6.00

Monday and Mantinees
Adults: $7.50
Children under 12: $6.00 (unless otherwise indicated)

We now accept: Debit, Mastercard, Discover & Visa cards

What's playing now?

You can view our movie schedule online or call us at (845) 887-4460 for a voice recording.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, in any dollar amount, for any occasion. Gift certificates can be purchased at our box office during hours of operation. They are redeemable for admission and concession items only at the Callicoon Theater. There is no expiration date for our gift certificates.